One Of The Best Restaurants In Myrtle Beach For Seafood and Steak

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Ask any local about us, then come discover a memorable Myrtle Beach Restaurant voted… “BEST ALL AROUND”.

From zesty Shrimp and Grits to Seared Peppercorn Tuna. From Fried Lobster Bites to Filet & Lobster Tail. From She Crab Soup to Slow-Roast Prime Rib and aged NY Strips.
From Small Meals to Crabcakes, Tuna Sashimi, Cajun Fried Shrimp, Grouper Picatta, Pasta Scallops, Salmon Oscar.
Greek, Caesar & Oriental Salads, Italian or ‘small plates’…
Flamingo Grill has it all ! Honest prices, family owned, and smiling faces in a sexy art deco ambiance.

843-449-5388 Please call after 2pm for info or Preferred Seating.
Un-Chain yourself and experience local flavor.

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December 5, 2014

Bout every ten years I get a creative attack and either open a restaurant or write a book.Since our lease wound down on Cagney’s and I’m down to one restaurant, the Flamingo Grill… so I decided to write a book about music…BOOGIE WOOGIE BEATS.Music? you’re yelpin. Whatinhell’s that busboy, cook, waiter know about music?Well back in our long ago, dancin is how you met girls, how you legally got up close.And you couldn’t dance without music. So music and dance became a huge part of life.Everybody who grew up spittin distance from the Myrtle Beach Pavilion jukebox will tell you the same thing. Punch up this book on your Kindle or Nook jukebox, give it a look and a listen. If you’d like to buy a printed copy, stop by FLAMINGO GRILL or send me an email at (Dino Thompson)

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Open 4:15 Monday - Saturday, Closed Sundays

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